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issue no. 1, winter 2000–2001
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little men and women
The Distance Between Us
a photo essay by Mimi Chakarova

Indecision on Aisle Seven
a poem by Ruth Daigon

Fake Lezzie
fiction by Susan Scheid

Something to Do with All Night Classical Bowling
a poem by Emily Koehn

Should You Bowl Alone?
a review of Robert Putnam's book

The Next Religion
a poem by Peter Tomassi

Oh, Give Me a Home
an essay by Samantha Schoech

A Trio of Prose Poems
by Lorraine Lupo

The Good, the Bad & the Freaks
a look at recent works by John le Carré and Jonathan Lethem

a poem by Julia Bloch

'Open Letters' Opens Up
an interview with editor Paul Tough

Room at the Inn
an essay by Susan Parker

The Magnificent Kornblatt
a story in seven days by Todd Schindler

from the publisher

about our contributors

a poem by Sara Berkeley

a short story by Rachel Haas

Einstein in Singapore
by Joan Bieder

The Jar by the Door
a short story by Vera Djordjevich

how to check out woody guthrie
Rebound for Glory: More Thoughts on Woody
by Pete Mulvihill

Saving My Grandparents
an essay by William Nations

The Devil's Food
concerning the film 'Chocolat'

The Mother with Claws
a poem by Andrena Zawinski

Letter from Missoula
by Rick Stern

And what about people you see crying in public?
a poem by Jaron Kanegson

valentine's day for one
the 'me' celebration

quotes of yesterday

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