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a lexicon to improve the cultural landscape

This list includes over 100 words and phrases submitted by OtP staff and the extended literary family—words so overused, misused, or otherwise repugnant that we'd like to get 'em off the page. If you'd like to contribute a word or expression to off the page, drop us a line.

words we hope never to see or hear again:

functionality process (as verb)touch base
belchpsyched!I'm sorry, I think of you as a friend
psychobabbleteam playercachet
sphincterutilizeiced double cappuccino half caf soy latte + no foam
deplanewhateverGo to bed
deadline-orientedparadigm shiftrock (as verb)
I was all...hornyright on!
on the same pageoxymoronpostulate
unloosenhaving sharedverbal agreement
(to mean oral agreement)
customer serviceparentingrandomize
salvesynergyteam player
my badwhimsicalall over it!
access (as verb)compassionate conservatismdownsize
gestaltventi & tall (in a coffee context)dialogue (as verb)
like, you knowper our discussionbranding (except when used to describe the marking of animals)
furthermorerich tapestryresonate
he goeshot-buttonyour call is important to us
leveragestressed outdown-to-earth
so NOT bingepurge
at this juncturethink outside of the boxkiddo
blurbspace (as in "we're dominating that space") monetize
don't go thereproductizeproactive
human resourcesabsorbentI'm here for you
bad hair daybitch (to mean anything other than a female dog)boobs
pantiesall's I knowin actuality
extremeyadda yaddait's all good
hemorrhoidsimpact (as verb)as of yet
guesstimatefirstlyI'm so busy
At this point in time...At the end of the day...To make a long story short...
robustpostmodernhead up (as in "head up the committee")
in any eventanywayspreboard
more uniqueless (when it should be fewer)orientate
non-issuepreexistinggiving back to the community
Make no mistakeclosureciao

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